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Filing Supplies

We Have Full PRINTING Services, with all Home Care Forms,1, 2 or 3 part (NCR- Carbonless)


Contact Information:

We are located in Miami Dade, Florida.

CEO: Raul H. Camacho

Arely Camacho, RN


Karel Camacho    

Toll free:
Toll free:
Postal address
       2950 W 84 St.
       Bay 7
                     Hialeah, Fl 33018
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In Loving Memory of Aida Perez, RN, and Manolo Alvarez who introduce us in the Consulting/Computer Field of Home Care Services.

   End Tab Folders..... 100  AED 350.00 +s/h




        Color End or Top Tab Folders

     100 ..... AED 450.00+s/h



      MULTIPLES DIVIDERS...... 100  AED 325.0+s/h








           We have in town the more commons, ready to ship to your Agency tomorrow:


Plan/SOC/DC (Right position 1) PINK

Nursing Notes (Right position 3) BLUE

Home Health Aide Notes (Left position 2) RED

Physical Therapy (Right position 4) PURPLE

Occupational Therapy (Right position 4) DARK YELLOW

Speech Therapy (Right Position 4) BLUE

Physician Orders (Right position 2) YELLOW

Consents (Left position 4) CLEAR

 Medications (Left position 3) GREEN

Patient Info (Right position 1) BLUE

Miscellaneous (Right position 4 or Left position 4) BROWN

Lab. Report (Right position 2) GREEN

Insurance Correspondence (Left Position 4) DARK YELLOW

Medical Social Worker (Left Position 4) GREEN

Laboratory (Left Position 1) PINK

Authorization Referral (Left Position 3) GREEN

Communications (Right Position 4) DARK YELLOW

Orders & Examination (Left Position 2) BLUE

          Also we have BLANK DIVIDERS (Right) or (Left) (4 positions each), and you can put the label of your preference


100 blank dividers .... AED 275.00 + s/h


       For your EMPLOYEES, we have a classification folders with 6 sections or 4 sections (add tax, s/h):

    RED, Light or Dark BLUE, Light Green... AED 25.00 each + s/h

                   Yellow, Green                            (6 sections)       

                                                  AED  20.00 (4 sections) + s/h









              MANILA Classification Folders

              (For you Employee forms,  



                1 Divider, 4 sides ....... AED 17.00

                2 Dividers, 6 sides....... AED 15.00


                 For your Admissions/Sign Up we have

                 color 2 pocket Folders:







          Colors: Red, Dark or Light Blue, White, Burgundy, Green, Yellow, Black, Orange

                 Box of 25......AED 60.00 + s/h


          And also customized FOLDERS with your Agency name, Labels, phone numbers, etc already printed.

                         AED 8.00 each (minimum order 50) + s/h



Numerical Labels set

                                            (0 - 9), 1 box of 500 each number ....... AED 500 + s/h



Numerical Label, individual 500 labels/box

AED 55.00 /box + s/h







Full Alpha set, 26 letters (A-Z)

    500 labels/letter

    AED 1275.00 set + s/h




Individual letter boxes, 500


AED 55.00 box + s/h