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Advertising Tools

We have a full line of advertising tools:

Advertising Booklets: Personalized with your own logo, comments, services, your business in a perfect combination of color, image and design, using the best paper products available... ready for Home Care, Rehab Services.    AED 20.00  each (according size)






Brochures: For the daily Advertising task, we have a full and customizable line of 3 fold BROCHURES, personalized with your own text, company photos, employees, etc. Remember, like all other printing services, we NEVER charge for setup or composition fee. 

Full color brochures:
150 .... AED 375.00
250 .... AED 500.00
500 .... AED 875.00





Other advertising tools:  

Yearly Booklet Calendars For distribution in Doctor's office, or directly to your clients, with a lot of safety, precautions tips.

order for AED 8.00 - 10.00 each


                                                        Yearly Calendars:  AED 4.00 (letter size)





Advertising Folders (2 pockets): For distribution in Doctor's office, Hospital, Nursing Homes, ready to be inserted inside the 2 pockets or 1 Pocket with brochures, flyers, advertising materials. ..... AED 8.00 each (minimal order 50)


        (Samples of Advertising Materials)

        Inserts Advertising

         AED 4.00 each (50 minimum)



Appointment Notes: For distribution in Doctor's office, Hospital, Nursing Home, and your own office staff, ready to take appointments, notes, with your company information always reachable.


order for AED 8.00 each



(One Patient's Signature only)

Only AED 75.00-85.00 each

Minimal Order 50


CHAP package Sample

(Handbook and Admission forms included)